38. Guitars. 39. Pecan pie. 40. OH BOY. …

38. Guitars. 39. Pecan pie. 40. OH BOY.

41. Being suprised by not having to do community work. 42. The way water falls out of a dog’s mouth when you call their name while they’re drinking. 43. Down comforters that stay fluffy. 44. Finding old memories in a box or on a computer, good or bad. 45. Apples: fruit. 46. Apples: computer. 47. Enviga five calorie carbonated drink. 47. Cooking steak. 48. Baking. 49. Cooking anything. 50. Being rushed and finding out it was for nothing. 51. Dogs that wggle up to you in bed. 52. Woman that wiggle up to you in bed. 53. Plants that won’t die. 54. Designing. 55. Multi-colour paint spatters on the same pair of jeans. 56. A great storm threatening to was away the world. 57. Honeymoons that don’t end. 58. Incredibly long movies. 59. Veins on muscles on smooth skin. 60. Long legs. 61. Short legs. 62. Smooth legs. 63. Being delightfully vague. 64. Finally getting everything done around the house. 65. Someone burpng after have eaten my cooking. 66. Mugu Ta Sadia (God will provide) Swalhili. 67. Phrases in languages I’ll only use if I’m speaking in tongues. 68. God. 69. Really soft pants. 70. Being naked and being happy with being naked. 71. Postcards. 72. The World Wide Web. 73. Magazines. 74. Whispers. 75. Driving under a bridge during a downpour. 76. Mom & Dad. 77. Bedhead, bed hair, sex hair, messy head. 78. Woman who look better in the morning.