520. being there for my friend in his time of “need” 521. knowing that I am truly loved. 522. having people who will do anything for you. 523. a man in blue jeans without a shirt. 524. a man who wears his hat backwards. 525. a sweaty chest glistining in the sunlight. 526. a man on a motorcyle. 527. driving down the street windows down with the heat on in the winter just to flirt with the guy who’s driving beside you. 528. flashing your ring at the ugly guy. 529. making eye contact with the hot guy at the store. 530. my sons mowhawk. 531. men who keep thier hair cut. 532. anti-oxidants. 533. everytime i see the scale keep going down. 534. being there to pick up the pieces when your life falls apart. 535. loving and never telling the person you love. 536. the person finally figuring it out and accepting your love. 537. feeding my ice cream cone to my dog. 538. new shoes. 539. smaller clothes. 540. old business partners wishing they were still in business with me. 541. walking into a place where they are flaunting what they can no longer have. 542. knowing that i am free of my secret yet they live with it everyday. 543. anti-biotics. 544. sleep. 545. looking good in scrubs.