– 1,099.

1,085. The way my mother holds her cup of tea or coffee and sips; in two hands close to her body with a smile after each sip, like she has just found happiness in the tiny cup. 1,086. My mother’s “warnings”. 1,087. My father having a “pet name” for me and still using it no matter how old I get. 1,088. When people say they love you and tear up a bit when they say your name. 1,089. Burmese style sweet tea. 1,090. Tiny oriental tea cups. 1,091. Needing so much and not wanting a thing. 1,092. Prayer in a big sanctuary. 1,093. Girls in gingham dresses with long legs. 1,094. Anthrapologies (store). 1,095. Perfect tiny little espresso cups and saucers. 1,096. Crate & Barrel (store). 1,097. Big wrap around sunglasses. 1,098. Preparing early for a shower by running the water for a few hours in order to make it hot. Exacto nives. Brand new shiny things. 1,099. Sales woman who are so flirtatious that I wonder if it is part of their job.