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  • Single&Grateful 1:22 pm on May 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    1,096. April 2, 2011…our wedding 1,097. COD! 1,098. Getting to level 18 in zoms, then YOU dying! Grrrrrr 1,099. Knowing I’ll be coming home to OUR house laying in OUR bed, next to YOU! 2,000. Lubber!!!

  • Single&Grateful 1:35 pm on April 19, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    1,077. you telling me you love me 1,078. being with you every night 1,079. knowing you would protect me 1,080. Having a boyfriend where everything about him makes me smile!

  • amillionthingstosmileabout 2:34 pm on March 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: giving, holding, love, precious moments   


    1,070. When u asked me to take your hand and show you what I was upset about 1,071. When u took care of the problem 1,072. When u said I want to be intimate with you tonight ( but it had nothing to do with sex) 1,073. When all our text for today has started out with an endearing name for one another 1,074 knowing I’ll get to hold you in my arms tonight makes me smile a million times over 1,075. You looking me in the face and saying ” I want to be with you” 1,076. When you smile

    • Single&Grateful 10:36 pm on August 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Do you still think of these things? Wonder what we could have been. Laying here tonight I miss the old you. The one I could count on to be honest and the one I could trust with my life. Those days are gone. You changed into a person I did not recognize. Man, to feel the 2011 man again, to make love to the 2011 you, to kiss you and melt into your chest. 2011 if I could wish you back…if only.

  • Single&Grateful 9:31 am on February 9, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    1,061.  “I CHOSE TO BE WITH YOU, AND I’LL BE WITH YOU UNTIL YOU LET ME GO” 1,062. my ever growing love for you 1,063. the thought of you 1,064.”AND YOU SHALL BE JEALOUS”

  • Single&Grateful 10:15 pm on January 31, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    1,157. when you said you fell in love with her….(me) 1,158. sweet words and more 1,159. when you said you would never leave me 1,159. when I came to you at 4am 1,160. your box of saved notes

  • Single&Grateful 9:25 am on December 22, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    1,149. my coach purse/hobo bag 1, 150. my perfume 1,151. my scarf 1,152. my coat 1,153. my hoodie 1, 154. MY PICKLES!!!!! 1,155. celebrating christmas with you! 1,156. our picture books.

  • Single&Grateful 11:57 am on November 2, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    1,121. finding orchids and a card on my counter when i got home 1,122. holding you all night 1,123. listening to the way you sound when you chew your food 1,124. you TRYING to nurse me! 1,125. the “he said” things i keep in my phone 1,126. your blue dress shirt and the vest 1,127. the mirror on the wall across from the bathroom 1, 128. floggings LOL 1,129. being able to love you 1,130. knowing that i am still waiting, patiently for you and knowing that your the only man in my life, and the only man i ever want to be in it 1,131. knowing that i am faithful to you and saving myself for you and only you, even though we aren’t “together” 1,132. knowing that even when you question me or accuse me, that at least i know the previous 2 things are without a doubt the truth!

  • Single&Grateful 12:51 pm on July 3, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    1,055. the boy trying to convince that the reason his underwear are wet is because of the juice and not from him peeing himself! lol 1,056. when you said yes  1,057. when you said “i love you” 1,058. when you called back 1,059. when i smiled because i hadn’t smiled in awhile 1,060. because of you

  • amillionthingstosmileabout 12:18 pm on July 2, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    1,045. The 4th of July! 1,046. Great mem… 

    1,045. The 4th of July! 1,046. Great memories. 1,047. Pot Roast. 1,048. Warm pullovers on a randomly brisk summer day.

  • amillionthingstosmileabout 7:06 pm on June 9, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    1,083. Promises kept and seen through. 1… 

    1,083. Promises kept and seen through. 1,084. Shirts that work inside out. 1,085. A crisp dress shirt. 1,086. Meandering. 1,087. “Thank you, I’m just browsing”. 1,088. Thick, warm, colorful socks. 1,089. Fat bumblebees. 1,090. Splashing aftershave that smells like my great uncles barber shop hair tonic. 1,091. Egg tosses. 1,092. Sitting down with a friend and a pint of icecream. 1,093. The tiny spray left on the arm after using a paint roller. 1,094. Unfinished furniture. 1,095. Building something sturdy and proud. 1,096. Hanging in there. 1,097. Expressing an injustice done to yourself. 1,098. That extra boost to get you out of a slump. 1,099. Slight accents. 1,100. Wearing fur lined slippers no matter where you are headed. 1,101. Steel wool. 1,102. Venison meatballs. 1,103. Wasabi sauce burn. 1,104. Wooden hangers. 1,105. Waking to the smell of coffee. 1,106. Having to “make” friends leave for the evening. 1,107. Lacoste. 1,108. Laying on a shingled roof and catching some rays and a nap. 1,109. Large glass decanters. 1,110. Norton’s Anthology of Great Works, vol. 1&2. 1,111. Making stencils and stenciling the town. 1,112. “An American Tragedy”. 1,113. Chalk board painted walls. 1114. Anything done by candle light. 1,115. Surprise fridge raids that leave your fridge full not empty.

  • amillionthingstosmileabout 10:43 am on May 23, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: laugh, love,   

    1,051. Rubber-band Balls. 1,052. Abstrac… 

    1,051. Rubber-band Balls. 1,052. Abstract Paintings. 1,053. Making wishes. 1,054. The Rocketeer (Movie). 1,055. Sequined pillows. 1,056. Postcards from other countries.

  • amillionthingstosmileabout 9:26 am on May 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    1,006. Back doors. 

    1,006. Back doors.

  • amillionthingstosmileabout 9:51 pm on April 30, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ants, fajitas, la croix, love, memoirs, moose, red, rye bread triscuits, S.W.A.K.,   

    891. – 976. 

    891. La Croix carbonated flavored water. 892. Counting 6 ants without moving from one spot. 893. M.I.A.- “20 Dollar” song. 894. Rye bread triscuits. 895. Fajitas. 896. Moose. 897. Learning new card games. 898. Old wicker furniture. 899. Oven cooked burgers. 900. A clean kitchen. 901. Toasted wheatberry bread. 902. Streets with your name. 903. Large leaf salad with sliced tomatoes and chilpote dressing. 904. Cabinets full of the smell of coffee. 905. Saw horses. 906. Jalapeño cheese cornbread. 907. Fig nutents. 908. Spanish speaking anouncers. 909. Eating diner while seated in an old high back chair. 910. Old colorful necklaces that grandma used to wear. 911. Being told your beautiful. 912. Tin picnic dishes. 913. The sound of a zipper. 914. The sound of Velcro. 915. Bubble wrap. 916. Oversized Persian rugs. 917. T squares for drafting. 918. Leaving a baked good behind when leaving someone’s home. 919. Miniature tornados made up of leaves. 920. Squeaky dog toys. 921. Paying for things in change. 922. Seeing red. 923. Saying something so ridiculous that it’s believable. 924. Gothic type. 925. Mason jars. 926. Saving soap. 927. Candy striperd dresses. 928. Bangle bracelets. 929. Waking before the sun and feeling rested. 930. Isobel (name). Dictionaries. 931. Frothy milk in your coffee. 932. Brown sugared carrots. 933. Real wrestling. 934. Church bells. 935. Bike bell ringers. 936. Counting railroad cars. 937. Fur that sticks out of the feet of animals. 938. Having a bite of every junk food in the cabinet. 939. S.W.A.K. = sealed with a kiss, written on the back of letters. 940. Maybe giving to much information in your memoirs. 941. Fighter jets flying over low. 942. Reaching up until your arms are numb. 943. Someone “getting you”. 944. Unbreakable vases. 945. A tailored suit. 946. Having good reason for keeping things and not caring if others know. 947. Homemade potato chips. 948. A shrug of the shoulder when you get in trouble. 949. Long fingers. 950. Competence. 951. Doing magic tricks. 952. Creaking and groaning of trees in the wind. 953. A full moon lighting the night. 954. Titling your head to eat certain foods. 955. Rainbow trout colors. 956. Finally writing a mailing out things to everyone you have been meaning to. 957. Wax sealed letters. 958. Numbed toilet legs. 959. Big tea canisters with metal spickets. 960. Cigar boxes. 961. Just breathing when everything is a bit much. 962. Potlucks. 963. Snowflake ornaments. 964. Stars. 965. Tit-for-tat. 966. Popourri (word). 967. Orange and lemon zest. 968. Football games that leave you slightly aching. 969. Cracker parties with cheeses, butters, hams and jams. 970. Cold whipped cream in a bowl. 971. Winning the war on terror against ants. 972. Keeping a confirmed kill count of ants in a new place.



    975.  976. 

  • amillionthingstosmileabout 7:47 am on April 24, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: color, friday, love, night pants, , , , words   

    823. Night pants. 824. Wearing random co… 

    823. Night pants. 824. Wearing random colors. 825. Enjoying my own words. 826. Friday. 827. Being early.

  • amillionthingstosmileabout 8:37 am on April 23, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: creation, creative, love, nature, physical labor, ,   

    Smile 808. Finally one week without any meetings. 

    808. Finally one week without any meetings. 809. Physical labor. 810. Being creative by nature.

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